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MaxClean professionals are the only way to avoid airborne germs, bacteria and pollen which are floating around in your home. While your air conditioner and furnace run, the air within your home is recycled again and again. This sends the same contaminants around your home – over and over. In order to clean your home of these pollutants, it is recommended that you have your air ducts professionally cleaned every two years. In different climates where the air conditioner is not necessary for lengthy seasons, it might not be such a problem because they don’t run for so long. But, here in Arizona, having an air duct cleaner is critical, because we use our air conditioners for several months through the summer season.


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When living around Phoenix, you will spend much of the time during the Spring, Summer and Fall hiking trails or riding the bike routes through the area. When you get home, you bring many contaminants from the outdoors with you – on your clothes, shoes and hair. You can enjoy the activities of biking and hiking and still protect your home from the outside pollens. Just call MaxClean and have them bring the air duct cleaner equipment to your own home. The air duct service they provide will be the ductwork cleaning you need.

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MaxClean Professionals – Do the Job Right!

MaxClean Proffesional – Will Do the Job Right!
There are no shortcuts when needing the job from MaxClean that a good air duct cleaner will provide. No longer will the stale air circulate throughout your dirty ducts. The bacteria and germs that flowed around you in the rooms of your home are gone. This will leave you with the awareness that the Duct Cleaning Phoenix Az air duct service you contracted has completely cleaned out your ductwork and that your healthier home is ready for your enjoyment.

Indoor air has been shown to hold up to 10 times more contaminants than the outside air. The air inside your home could be the likely culprit causing your breathing issues, poor sleep patterns and sneezing.


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